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Silver Stork Scissors

The Details:

  • 3.5” long / 1” blade
  • Premium brushed silver finishing
  • Sharp and fine point for precision cutting, ideal for embroidery floss, thread, and yarn, as well as trimming fabric
  • High-quality stainless steel blades for strength and long-lasting performance

Every stitcher needs a trusty pair of scissors, and these modern stainless-steel scissors provide an updated take on the traditional, elegant stork shape popularized by the Alsace Lorraine region in France. (The iconic stork scissors have become a firm favorite for crafters around the world, paying homage to the Alsace Lorraine region in France, which is home to DMC headquarters and factory – and hundreds of storks!)

Sourcing these scissors was an absolute joy and a true representation of Stitchery & Co.’s brand: these mini snips are modern yet playful, offering a new perspective on the classic stork scissors you’ll find in most craft supply stores. They’re also a dream to use, lightweight with a smooth finish (goodbye, hand cramps!). These are my go-to, tried-and-true scissors for both crochet and embroidery projects. I love them to bits and hope they’ll add a bit of magic to your work, too.

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