What is a OOAK Design?



You might have noticed that some of my embroidery hoops are available as a PDF pattern in my Etsy shop, and others don't have an accompanying pattern (especially my early art-inspired hoops!). While it would be an admirable goal to transform each hoop I stitch into a PDF pattern, it simply isn't feasible - especially for hoops I made years ago!

Thus, some of my designs are "OOAK," or one-of-a-kind. These hoops are extra special to me because they're experimental, have no accompanying notes on stitches or thread colors, and are made for no other reason than I was having fun! I love to document my hoops here on the Stitchery & Co. blog because it serves as a personal portfolio as well as inspiration board for future projects, so you might see some embroidery projects labeled "OOAK Designs." I hope you're able to enjoy these hoops for what they are - moments of learning and joy! If you'd like to purchase one of these hoops or are really interested in a pattern, just shoot me an email at hello@stitcheryandco.com. If enough people request a pattern, I might be able to squeeze it in (and re-make the hoop into a new and improved version!).

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