Crochet Pattern Tester Application

8/30/2020 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Every maker approaches pattern testing a bit differently, but I try my absolute hardest to make pattern testing a simple, straightforward, and a mutually-beneficial exchange between pattern writer (yours truly!) and pattern tester (you!).

What is a pattern tester?

As a crochet pattern tester, you volunteer your time and talent to stitch one of my original patterns before it's officially published. 

What would I do as a pattern tester?

When you receive the draft pattern, you'll be asked to first read through the entire pattern before starting in order to get a sense of how my pattern is written. You don't need to look for typos or mistakes just yet, but you're always free to jot notes down in a journal or on your phone so you don't forget about them!

Each pattern must be completed within a certain time frame, which is shared with each call for testers. The time frame varies for each pattern, but is typically between 2-4 weeks, depending on the pattern's difficulty and required supplies. Your feedback should be as detailed as possible, and include any issues you encountered in the pattern, cumbersome or confusing sections, etc. I request all feedback be submitted via email (rather than Instagram DM, for example).

One of the best things about being a pattern tester is that you get to ask the designer (hi, there!) any questions and get a speedy response. Testers are always encouraged to reach out if they have any questions or concerns while stitching.

As a tester, you may not make any design alterations to the pattern to fit your preferences. I'm not talking about changing hook size or working less stitches to meet gauge, I'm talking about actual changes to the design (such as adding new stitch combinations). Likewise, testers may not make small changes to the pattern and publish it as their own. This is stealing, and we all know better! 

While crocheting the test pattern, you'll be asked to take quality photos of your progress as well as the finished item(s). I would love if you could post pictures on social media and tag me (@allisonmclark), but you may also send them to me directly for my personal reference.

Are supplies provided?

You'll receive the test pattern for free (obv!), but I'm unable to refund any costs incurred when purchasing supplies. All materials (yarn, hooks, etc.) will be listed in the pattern. You're welcome to use the same materials, or you may bust through your yarn stash with other yarn weights, brands, colors, etc. If you do use other materials, you'll be asked to share this info with me when submitting final feedback. 

Some patterns are produced in collaboration with a yarn dyer or supplier. In these cases, you may receive a promo code for discounted or free yarn! Additional details would be shared via email if you're selected as a pattern tester for a design that is eligible for discounted materials. 

How do I become a pattern tester?

I select pattern testers from my roster. To be added to the roster, you'll need to complete the super quick form below (I promise it will take less than five minutes!). Although submitting this form does not guarantee you will be selected as a tester, I do my very best to try and share the love by working with different pattern testers on each project.

Click the button above to complete the Crochet Pattern Tester Application

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